Meet The Founder of Apojai

Hey there! I'm Nathalee, the Founder of Apojai!

If you were wondering how I started this brand, it all began in 2022. After moving from Toronto to Ottawa, my boyfriend encouraged me to pursue my dream of starting a business. Being 24 at the time, he reminded me that I was young enough to take risks and start over if needed. It took some time to decide what business to start, but during a visit to my family in Toronto, the idea for Apojai was born.

During my visit, my mom, sister and I went with my aunt (a former engineer in the gold industry), to a jewelry market in search of affordable real gold jewelry. The photo on the right was actually the day we went!

Gold is a big part of my family as my mom and aunt always emphasized gold being an investment. But after a couple of months, we soon realized that the gold jewelry we bought from the market easily broke off. My family's disappointment in the jewelry market made me realize a disconnect which inspired me to create Apojai.

Today, I am proud to be behind Apojai –a fine jewelry brand specializing in gold jewelry, aiming to bridge the gap between luxury and accessibility. Not only am I dedicated to help customers find their favourite gold jewelry, but I'm here on a mission to provide the quality craftsmanship and design in every piece that customers like you deserve!

So if you have any questions about our gold jewelry, or gold in general, don't hesitate to reach out to me anytime at I'm always happy to help!

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